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Book Chapters

  • Holly Ann Garnett. 2017. “Election Management Bodies.” Election Watchdogs: Transparency, Accountability, Compliance and Integrity. Eds. Pippa Norris and Alessandro Nai. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Holly Ann Garnett and Meghan Garnett. 2013. “The History of the Tainted Blood Scandal in Canada: Where does the responsibility lie?” History of Medicine Days Conference Proceedings. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press.

Other Publications


Conference Presentations (last two years)

  • Cyber Elections: The Use of Technology for Electoral Management,” SERENE-RISC State of Canadian Cyber-security Conference, Ottawa, ON (2018)
  • Who Runs Elections? Election Management Body Roles and Responsibilities in Comparative Perspectives,” American Political Science Association, Boston, MA (2018)
  • Electoral Officials’ Perceptions of Electoral Integrity” with Toby S. James, pre-APSA workshop Building Better Elections, Boston, MA (2018)
  • Registration Innovations: Analysing the Impact of Registration Regimes in the United States” with Peter Miller, Election Sciences, Reform and Administration Conference, Madison WI (2018)
  • “Who Gives? Campaign Donations in Canadian Federal Elections,” Canadian Political Science Association, Regina, SK (2018)
  • Early Voting: Comparing Canada, Finland, Germany and Switzerland,” Australian Quantitative Political Science Association, Wellington, New Zealand (2017)
  • “Building Election Management Capacity,” Australian Political Science Association, Melbourne, Australia (2017)
  • “Roswell, Grassy Knolls, and Voter Fraud: Explaining Erroneous Perceptions of Electoral Malpractices” with Pippa Norris and Max Grömping, pre-APSA workshop on Protecting Electoral Security & Voting Rights: The 2016 U.S. Elections in Comparative Perspective, San Francisco, CA (2017) (Presented by co-authors)
  • Building Better Electoral Management? EMB Institutional Design, EMB Autonomy and Election Integrity” with Carolien van Ham, European Consortium for Political Research, Oslo, Norway (2017) (Presented by co-author)
  • Behind the Screens: Election Administration E-Governance Capacity,” Election Sciences, Reform and Administration Conference, Portland OR (2017)
  • Evaluating Online Registration in the 2015 Canadian Election,” Canadian Political Science Association, Toronto, ON (2017)
  • Behind the Screens: Evaluating Election Administration Capacity in the United States,” Canadian Political Science Association, Toronto, ON (2017)
  • When do Voters Trust the Administration of Election? A Cross-National Analysis,” Political and Social Trust: Citizens in Context workshop, Tampere, Finland (2017)