Research Interests

My research focuses on how electoral integrity can be strengthened throughout the electoral cycle, with a specific focus on:

  • Election Management Bodies – How can the government agencies and departments tasked with the technical administration of elections be strengthened, in terms of independence, capacity and personnel effectiveness?
  • Voter Registration – How do innovations such as including online registration, election day registration, automatic voter registration and the pre-registration of youth impact voter registration rates, and the types of population groups most likely to be registered?
  • Convenience Voting – How does convenience voting measures, such as advance voting and postal voting, impact voter turnout and accessibility for under-represented groups?
  • Election Technology & Cyber-Security – What are the impacts of new election technologies on security, accuracy, accessibility and public trust?
  • Civic Literacy – How can election administrators, the media and academics best provide civic education on difficult political questions?
  • Campaign Finance – Who donates to political campaigns? Which candidates receive funding? And how does this impact democratic elections?

Please see ‘Publications’ for recent papers and presentations on these topics.