Election Management Bodies

Current Projects

Improving Electoral Management: The Organisational Determinants of Electoral Integrity (with Toby James and Leontine Loeber (University of East Anglia), and Carolien van Ham (University of New South Wales) – This project is a multi-national survey of election management officials, in collaboration with colleagues from Europe, with the support of the Venice Commission (Council of Europe). This project consists of two surveys: a structural survey that will collect data on election management budgets, personnel and hierarchies, and a personnel survey that asks employees about their job satisfaction and levels of training. In collaboration with the Electoral Integrity Project.

Papers as part of this project include:

  • Evaluating Election Management Capacity
  • EMB Institutional Design and Autonomy (with Carolien van Ham)
  • Election Management Roles and Responsibilities in Comparative Perspective
  • Electoral Integrity: Expert vs. EMB Officials’ Perceptions (with Toby S. James)

Perceptions of Electoral Officials and Voter Confidence in Elections – This article tests whether confidence in electoral officials is an important predictor of individual perceptions of the fairness of the vote count, and overall sense of the quality of democracy in their country.


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Image: United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Ján Kubiš, at a news conference in the capital, Kabul. (“UNAMA FEATURED PHOTO: 12 June 2014” by UNAMA News is licensed under CC)