Registration and Voting

Current Projects

Early Voting: Evidence from Canada, Finland, Germany, and Switzerland” – This study considers whether early voting can mobilize under-represented population groups. It considers the socio-demographic and attitudinal correlates of early in four different contexts: on-demand postal voting in Germany, automatic postal voting in Switzerland, days-long advance voting in Canada, and week-long advance voting in Finland. It looks at multiple elections, at both the national and regional level, using data from a variety of national and comparative election studies, contributing to our understand of how convenience election laws may shape the electorate.

“Evaluating Online Registration in the 2015 Canadian Federal Election” – This paper evaluates Elections Canada’s new online registration, first used during the 2015 Canadian Federal Election. It uses survey data to explore the questions: Does online registration attract population groups that are otherwise underrepresented in voter registers and at the polls? And, by improving registration, can online registration also improve voter turnout rates?”

“Registration Innovation: Comparing American Registration Laws” (With Peter Miller)  – This paper asks two important questions concerning voter registration in the United States: firstly, does registration accuracy differ among population groups and secondly, can registration laws improve registration accuracy? This study considers election day registration, online registration, list centralization and pre-registration of youths on registration accuracy in the United States.

“The Impact of Campaign Enrollment on Voter Turnout in the 2017 New Zealand Election” – This paper evaluates the impact of a change in New Zealand’s electoral practices to allow for voter registration at advance polling place. It asks the following questions: What is the impact of this change in voter registration opportunities? Furthermore, which population groups are likely to most benefit from this change?



Image: “Advance poll – voting” by Julep67 is licensed under CC