Teaching Resources

I am passionate about teaching and learning in higher education! Here are some articles I have written for the Canadian Political Science Association Praxis Blog:

I am developing a library of teaching resources that I use in my classes, and putting them online for other instructors! Feel free to use with your classes, and let me know how it goes!

  • This handout lists 20 of my favorite active learning exercises! Note that many come from chatting with other instructors and looking up new ideas online: GARNETT 20 Active Learning Strategies
  • This template helps students organize their paper outline. Ideal for introductory courses: GARNETT Paper Outline Template
  • This template helps students critically read a journal article or book chapter. Ideal for introductory courses: GARNETT Reading Template
  • This template helps students create a collaborative week-by-week review in preparation for a final exam. Divide students into groups, and have each group create a review on an assigned week or topic. Collect them at the end of class. As the instructor, review them, offer comments, and post on your online course management software for all students to use as exam preparation. GARNETT Week by Week Review

Teaching Portfolio Resources

  • It’s often difficult to know what a teaching portfolio should look like. Here is mine from when I was on the job market as a sample: Teaching Portfolio SAMPLE

Flipped Classroom Resources